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Counting the Days

Daily Post Prompt: My Favorite
What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

As of today, it has been the longest time I have spent away from one of my favorite people in my life. 1263 days or 3 years 5 months and 14 days. I would love to see my father again this side of heaven, but he was called home on July 23, 2009. His work on earth is complete and I am sure he is enjoying his heavenly reward.

I miss the hearty laugh, the smile, and the slippers with a squeak. Saturday morning errands, good old country music (the kind from the 70s that had a good twang to the music he would say) would play in the basement from where he showered and shaved every morning. He had every tool to fix every kind of broken. He was strong and helpful; I never saw him turn down an opportunity to serve. Crossword puzzles and the Jumble from the newspaper kept his mind sharp. We couldn’t change the television channel when we thought he was sleeping because he would stir and say he was just resting his eyes.

My family was with my father at the final time he rested his eyes. And as our eyes filled with tears, we knew we had been blessed with an amazing man who we called Husband, Father, and Gramps. Rest in Peace and I look forward to seeing you again.

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4 thoughts on “Counting the Days

  1. I’m sorry.


  2. You were blessed indeed. Nice post and tribute to your dad.


  3. Marli Renee on said:

    Beautiful tribute…


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