Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

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Destination: The Center

I have been granted an opportunity of a lifetime!  I have been given a chance to move at the speed of light to anywhere I want.  Anywhere. My choice is a no-brainer as I have always wanted to go deeper inside myself to find my center.  It normally takes years to get there, if one can ever really get there, but now that I can go at the speed of light, I…am…excited!!!

My center, Kristine Headquarters, is both the busiest place and the calmest place within me.  It is a place tucked in the center of my heart that neither X-ray, MRI, nor CT Scan can illuminate.

The busiest place. Think air traffic control tower. From every direction and at all times of the day, information and thoughts come and go. Each one is processed through a myriad of emotions, memories, rules and decisions. Some stay in the center longer than they should while others leave too quickly. Lights are flashing in bright bold colors, knobs are turning, bells are clanging and commands are bellowed out on how and what to process.

The calmest place. Think blue sky, with pinkish-orange hues coloring in around the golden setting sun at the edge of a still lake. The flames of candles flicker with the gentle breeze. The scent of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies and brownies loiter in the air. Peace can be heard.

Looking around, I realize I am not alone in the center. There are other inhabitants dimming the flashing bright lights, turning the knobs, clanging the bells, and bellowing commands. I realize these inhabitants are at the same time calmly mixing paints and painting the sun set, holding out a hand to calm the lake, passing by the candles making their personal wind dance with the flames, and they are baking cookie after cookie and brownie after brownie.

In my center resides the Trinity; God the Father – Jesus, God’s only Son – and the Holy Spirit. The Power of 3 plus me. The Trinity is busy helping me to process all that comes at me as well as offers me refuge from it all. My center is a place to grow, learn, and rest in unconditional loving care.

While in Kristine Headquarters, I understand what Peter meant when he said in Matthew 17:4a (NIV) “Lord, it is good for us to be here.”

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