Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

Reference Check

Have you ever been asked to be a reference for someone for a job they were applying?  The recruiter wants to hire a qualified employee so they require at least three contacts on a reference list.  People who make it on a reference list are people the candidate has known for a long time and typically are previous bosses from jobs left on good terms, close co-workers turned friends, or relationships built from shared interests.  The reference person has spent enough time with the candidate to know their character, strengths, and weaknesses and can easily vouch for the candidate.

When we die, we are all going to need a reference to get into heaven.  We will stand before God, the judge, and he will want to know what our character was like on earth.  We will be awstruck by His majesty and we will not be able to speak.  That is when Jesus will step in and if we had a long term relationship with Him, he will be our reference to explain our character and our strengths.  He will explain to God that although we have weaknesses, He has taken the cross for us and will vouch that we are worthy of eternal life in heaven.

If you are looking for a job, it is a good idea to have some solid relationships so you can formulate a good reference list.  If you want to get into heaven, I suggest you get to know who Jesus is.  He is the only one who can get you in.

Matthew 10:32-33 (NIV)

32 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. 33 But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.


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