Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24


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I like social experiments.  For example, I like when one person in the middle of bustling city sidewalk stops walking and starts looking up toward a window in a multi-story building.  Usually a person behind them, or next to them, will stop and look up too.  Eventually this activity becomes contagious and several people are now stopped and looking up toward a window in a multi-story building.  This is human nature.

I watched an online video of another social experiment in a waiting room at a doctor’s office.  About four people were sitting randomly in the connected chairs that line the walls of the room.  One person is reading something on their phone, another person is reading a book, and two people are flipping through magazines from the magazine rack.  The person reading a book stands up for about three seconds then sits down again, without skipping a beat while reading the book.  A minute later the same person stands up for three seconds then sits down.  On the third time the book reader stands up, the two people reading the magazines stand up too and they all sit down at the same time.  The next time the book reader and the magazine readers stand up, the person who was reading something on their phone stands up with them and they all sit down in unison.  The book reader gets called back to see the doctor.

About a minute later, the three remaining people stand up in unison and sit down again.  The second time they do this a new patient walks in and sits down while they are all standing.  The new patient witnesses them sitting and standing back up after a minute and joins them.  All this time, nobody says a word; they just keep imitating each other.  The two magazine readers get called out to see the doctor and three more people enter the waiting room, and you guessed it, they all eventually follow suit.  All but one person gets called back to see the doctor, and that one person continues the stand/sit routine on their own.

I love observing people.  I notice in group meetings one person will have a movement that to me, is distracting, but all of a sudden another person picked up on it and they start imitating the movement subconsciously.  Even though the initial movement was distracting, it turns into a game for me to see how long the imitating lasts or if anyone else picked up on it.  I honestly think I am the only one acutely aware of this type of behavior going on.

The next time you are in a crowd, see if you can pick up on people subconsciously imitating others or be bold and start a crowd looking in a certain direction.  Just do not do anything to place anyone in harm’s way.  Have fun with it!

Psalm 100:3 (NIV)

Know that the Lord is God.
    It is he who made us, and we are his[a];
    we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.


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3 thoughts on “Sheeple

  1. I love the title, “Sheeple”. Often the term “sheep” is used with a negative connotation–of people who just follow the crowd, can’t think for themselves. Since I love the Good Shepherd, I’m more than glad to be one of His sheeple–one who can both follow and think 🙂 Blessings to you!

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