Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

Here’s to Loss, Part 1

I had written about my biggest loss in my life when I wrote Blessing in Disguise.  (You can click on the title to read this post.)

As I re-read that blog post from November 9, 2010, I take a step back and I see a scared, lonely person making a huge decision all by herself.  Had I known that appointment was going to involve the discussion of such life-alteration, I would have brought my mom and my sisters to hold my hand and explain to me what the doctor was saying.  I knew my situation was bad, but had they been in the room with me, perhaps they could have suggested more less-invasive testing before such major surgery, or at the least could have offered more questions than the negative amount of questions I provided.

My faith was the infant I held in 1992.


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4 thoughts on “Here’s to Loss, Part 1

  1. I’ve made too many of those alone decisions too…most processing is done with God but yet sometimes….it would just be good to have someone hold your hand…
    love you Kris


  2. I will have to read the main blog because now I need to find out, but right now I am so busy reading other’s Writing 101 that I might not be able to finish it until after the course, unless it is a short post.


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