Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

Why Blog?

Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question Why do you blog?

Just as unique is the snowflake, so are we.

Mathematicians, scientists, chemists, singers, actors, ballerinas, and computer programmers – my gifts and talents do not lie in any of these awesome professions. What is interesting is that God created us in such a fashion that even in similar careers, we add a new dimension because of our uniqueness.

How can I have such a passion for writing when I am not a voracious reader? I admire people with a book collection who are able to list off favorite authors. When I do take the time to read, I first have to meet my own list of demands: to be fresh from sleep, in a comfortable chair that keeps me in an upright position, a clean house, the perfect lighting and dead silence. When these demands are met I love to read writings from two of my favorite authors, God and Robert B. Parker.

My love for writing began in my pre-teen years as I penned my thoughts in a journal I hid in my bedroom. I wrote poems that explained my feelings on paper because I could not find a trusted ear to listen to my voice. I also remember writing personalized poems to friends in high school yearbooks; the funny shared memories or simply my perspective of who they were and how they touched my life penned forever. Presently, any chance I get to write in a card to a friend or a co-worker is as unique as they are to me.

I believe one of my unique qualities is being able to mix up the 26 letters of the alphabet and sentence them to life in the form of a blog. I was taught to write about what I know as it is a pathway to writing more. Sports writers write about favorite athletes, food critics write about food…it is their passion they want to share with the world. I constantly write about God because I owe it to Him; He seriously changed my life. God isn’t the only topic I know, but it is one where I feel the most passionate about at this point in time.

There are many bloggers that write about God, and I follow and read them on a regular basis. I love to read what God sparked in them because it gives me a glimpse into how He works in the lives of others.

Why do I blog? My physical voice is easily drowned out in a crowd. I have an opportunity to let the spiritual inspiration I receive be passed on to others as if I am scattering seeds around the globe. I do not know who will read this and I do not know how God needs my readers to receive him. All I know is that my unique perspective of my relationship with God is worth blogging about.

May you recognize your uniqueness and share it with others.

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3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

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  2. As a fellow blogger, I resonate with much of what you say here, Kristine. Blogging is a wonderful way for each of us to find our voices and expand our influence. Like you, I trust that God will use our humble contributions to his glory! May He bless your blog:)


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