Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

I Come In Peace

I am currently on a 4-day silent retreat and would like to share this story.

I spent some time listening to a podcast on resting in love. Through the guidance I received, I was able to mentally place myself resting on Jesus’ shoulder and the next thing I knew, I had fallen fast asleep. When I woke, I gathered myself and went out for a walk.

Although I could hear the familiar honking of geese earlier in the day, I was excited to see that no geese were near the pond where I wanted to explore, that is, until I crested a hill. Like a gang of thugs they were loitering in the direction I was headed. I am familiar enough with geese to know they are a protective brood. They seem to have space issues and if you get too close, they let you know.

The geese know and respect the rules of a silent retreat. As I crested the hill, the goose that was on guard-duty, at the time, looked my way and stood up. Without a honk, I knew that goose was telling me to walk in a direction opposite the gang. Unfortunately geese are not good at deciphering what humans try to tell them through body language, but I attempted to say that I come in peace, but the guard kept staring at me. So I did what any brave human would do in such close proximity to a band of geese. I agreed to their terms and altered my direction and casually picked up a walking stick, a.k.a. weapon, just in case a chase ensued.

My intention was to walk around the pond and explore everything in my path. As I manuevered around the geese, I noticed them slipping into the water. Now were they really just going for a swim or had they planned on harrassing me on the other side? Only time would tell, but I kept the walking stick just in case.

Thankfully the geese remained in the center of the pond. We did; however, keep attentive to each other’s every move.

Job 10:12
You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit.

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4 thoughts on “I Come In Peace

  1. Love silent retreats. Enjoy your time Kristine, will be thinking of you x


  2. When I was younger, I was “attacked” by one of those protective geese, so I know EXACTLY what you mean. Man can they pinch with those beaks of theirs! I had an ugly bruise on my upper thigh for weeks! Here’s to your peace and silence! Enjoy!


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