Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

Daily Post Prompt: Audience of One

This entry is a WordPress prompt to write to one person that you wish could read your blog.

Dear Woman from Georgia, USA:

Thank you for planning ahead. Of all the gifts you have given in your lifetime, this one has to be top of the list. Your donated kidney, at the time of your death, brought new life to my husband. We never had a chance to thank you.

I know nothing about you except the fact that your kidney was a perfect match for my husband’s body. Were you a wife and mother? Did you have siblings? Were your parents still alive? What was your profession? How old were you? What other organs were you able to donate? So many unanswered questions run through my mind.

I remember the future-changing phone call at 10:30 pm that cold winter evening in January. My husband was hooking himself up to his home-dialysis machine, as he had done for the past year-and-a-half, and I had just taken some Nyquil so I could sleep off a cold I was fighting. The transplant coordinator instructed my husband to be at the hospital by 6:00 am the next morning. We were so excited, we called family and friends to share the news and ask for prayers. I prayed for your family that night as well. As your family and friends mourned, we celebrated. So ironic. I also learned that adrenaline combats the sleepy effects of Nyquil.

Each January, as the anniversary of your death and the gift of new life for my husband approaches, I pray for your family and friends that miss you in their lives. This coming January will mark the tenth year of death and life. Thank you so very much; may you rest in peace.


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4 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Audience of One

  1. Thank you Lord for such a gift. Let that family feel the peace of Your Presence.


  2. Deeply touching story. BTW, thank you for liking my comfort dogs post. And Happy New Year to you!


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