Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

He Waits

On the drive to work one morning, I invited God into the passenger seat so I could have some one-on-one prayer time with Him.  I know, I need to give 100% attention to Him during prayer time, but mornings are a rush and the car is usually where I have my most thoughts and I like to talk.  And talk, I did!  About 20 minutes into the prayer time, I realized I had monopolized the conversation asking Him about how I can share my faith.  I was honest in telling Him that the world may not accept me and with that, I fear. 

Since March of this year, God has placed in my heart that He feels I am ready for Kingdom work, but I keep turning away telling Him I do not think I am ready and I list the reasons why.  He waits.

I often feel that my ministry comes through my pen and a keyboard.  I can formulate my thoughts with my mouth shut, but God knows better.  He gave me a gentle voice to share his word.  I wrote a blog recently, Contests, in which I talked about winning prizes from a radio station just by being the correct caller. 

As I drove to work that morning and in the midst of my prayer time with God, I was urged to turn on the radio.  Just at that exact time, I heard the morning show host say, “We are here with Kris from (given city)” and they proceeded to ask an interview question and I heard my very own voice telling a little of my faith story.  I remembered this interview from a few months ago when I won two CDs from their morning call-in and win invitation.  The radio station often replays interviews as filler and ministry.  After the short replay, they went on to something else, and I went on to say out loud, “God, you have a great sense of humor and interesting timing.  How would I have known to turn the radio on at that exact time to hear my very own faith story.  My voice was broadcasted for other’s to hear.  Even if one person heard my thoughts about you, that may be the one person that you intended to hear my story, to give them hope or help them with a decision.”  

And then it dawned on me as I wrote this…I may be the one person that needed to hear this message.  God told me again that He has a plan for me, for my pen and keyboard, and for my voice. 

Psalm 139:23 (NIV)

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “He Waits

  1. Reblogged this on It's not really about me… and commented:
    I have to share…God has perfect timing and a sense of humor! Let’s pray for Kris as she heals from surgery and listens to God and His rich plans for her!


  2. OH YES!!! What a way to show her God! Keep going sister. He is faithful to complete the good work He started!!!


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