Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24


Waiting at a stop light on my way to work one morning, a woman on a bicycle caught my attention visually and mentally.   


The bright green in her jacket was how she caught my attention.  It was a noticeable contrast off the black in the jacket and riding pants.  For safety she wore a helmet, and I could see her grey hair peeking out from the edges of the helmet placing her age well into retirement.  On her back she strapped on a black back-pack.  The bright pink lettering made me feel as curious as a cat; I had to know what it said before the light turned green.  Good thing she was looking forward the whole time, otherwise she would have thought I was a creepy person staring at her.  Finally, to my delight I made out the words: 





When the light turned green, we continued on our morning journey.  I thought about the message she is broadcasting in bright pink and wondered if my faith was the same color.  Can people see that I love Jesus by what I think and what I say?  Are my actions indicating that Jesus is in my heart?   I was convicted that morning in the realization that many times I do not project in bright pink that Jesus is my BFF.   

How is your relationship with Jesus?  Is it strong enough to project to the world, in bright pink that, Jesus is your BFF?  


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