Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

Blessing in Disguise

Yesterday, I had a doctor appointment. I was guided by the medical assistant to my cold room where I waited for the doctor to make her visits to other patients. Through the thin office walls, I could hear the conversation with my neighbor. A celebration was going on because she just found out that she was pregnant. I visualized the balloons flying and confetti falling and the hug of joy shared between the mother-to-be and the doctor who confirmed the blessed news.

The doctor left the party next door and entered my cold room. My diagnosis was not party-worthy. “You have severe endometriosis” she announced. “We can remove the endometriosis and try to salvage your ovaries; however, although the blood tests do not indicate cancer, we cannot rule that out until we cut you open because of the masses in your stomach are rather large. If we do not find cancer, would you like me to attempt to salvage your ovaries?” Knowing that my marriage was heading in divorce I could not imagine bringing a blessing into the world of a broken relationship. “Take it all if you need to” was my heart-wrenching reply.

This really wasn’t yesterday, but it sure feels like it. This happened 18 years ago today. This was absolutely a life-changing decision.

God creates a life path as unique as he creates his children. I was newly divorced and barren; two things I never imagined would occur on my path. I know I would have made a great mom to a little human that shared my DNA; however, that is not my path.

The pain of childlessness is the thorn in my side. After 18 years I realize that I can be a mentor to newly diagnosed barren women. I can utilize my spiritual gift of helper because I can leave at the drop of a hat to help anyone who needs an extra hand or a shoulder to lean on. The thorn in my side has turned into the biggest blessing I have in my life because it created an awesome relationship with my Lord and Savior.

Galatians 4:27 (NIV)
27 For it is written:
“Be glad, barren woman,
you who never bore a child;
shout for joy and cry aloud,
you who were never in labor;
because more are the children of the desolate woman
than of her who has a husband.”

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10 thoughts on “Blessing in Disguise

  1. I have found this scripture to be totally true!


  2. What an honor it was to have been in your presence as you read this to me…on your “anniversary”, my dear friend…as I “cried aloud”!


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  4. this really, really ministered to me, Kris…thank you


  5. What a powerful read! I can imagine how devastating it must have been for you but I think it is more than fantastic how you turned a lemon into “super” lemonaide.


  6. azingsadain on said:

    Not sure if I should like this since this is a very sad story for you. You write from your heart. It’s amazing that with all this you still choose to be helpful instead of sounding bitter or angry. Have a nice weekend!


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