Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24


Twelve years of my formative years were spent in a Catholic school uniform. My plaid jumper along with the white button-down blouse with a collar and knee socks were always laid out the night before a school day. Although our school colors were blue and gold, the uniform color did not conform. From first to third grade, we wore a brown plaid jumper. Fourth to sixth grade, we wore a maroon plaid jumper. In seventh and eighth grade the girls were allowed to wear a plaid skirt with a vest and white button-down blouse with a collar and knee socks. In those years the color changed to a green plaid.

At my high school, all the girls had to wear a uniform consisting of either plain green pants or plain green skirts. We were allowed to pair them up with whatever top matched and looked nice. The school administration did not consider the difficult shopping requirements since local stores were not made aware that 500 girls would be in search of the same thing.

Recently I received a comment about how big and baggy my pants look on me. I am a thin woman and find that pants with any kind of stretch will tend to look baggy after sitting and standing numerous times a day.

I subscribe to InStyle magazine because I struggle with putting outfits together. I blame this handicap on having to wear a uniform in my formative years. I can imagine myself in many of the stylish looks from the pages of the magazine, but in reality, I gravitate to comfort…blue jeans and t-shirts or sweaters.

I realize I am not a fashionista and the comment about my pants was enlightening. There are days I wish I could return to wearing a uniform because I would rather have people notice what is in my heart rather than what is covering my outer shell.

Jeremiah 17:10 (NIV)
“I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind,
to reward a man according to his conduct,
according to what his deeds deserve.”

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2 thoughts on “Uniformity

  1. I think God sees us all as radiant creations, even through our sin. Baggy pants, beautiful form fitted outfits – does not matter – We are loved creations – fully worthy of Love given so freely by the creator.

    Just a thought.



  2. Hello

    Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!


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