Then the man said, “Lord, I believe,” and he worshiped him. John 9:38 (NIV)

Destination: The Center

I have been granted an opportunity of a lifetime!  I have been given a chance to move at the speed of light to anywhere I want.  Anywhere. My choice is a no-brainer as I have always wanted to go deeper inside myself to find my center.  It normally takes years to get there, if one can ever really get there, but now that I can go at the speed of light, I…am…excited!!!

My center, Kristine Headquarters, is both the busiest place and the calmest place within me.  It is a place tucked in the center of my heart that neither X-ray, MRI, nor CT Scan can illuminate.

The busiest place. Think air traffic control tower. From every direction and at all times of the day, information and thoughts come and go. Each one is processed through a myriad of emotions, memories, rules and decisions. Some stay in the center longer than they should while others leave too quickly. Lights are flashing in bright bold colors, knobs are turning, bells are clanging and commands are bellowed out on how and what to process.

The calmest place. Think blue sky, with pinkish-orange hues coloring in around the golden setting sun at the edge of a still lake. The flames of candles flicker with the gentle breeze. The scent of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies and brownies loiter in the air. Peace can be heard.

Looking around, I realize I am not alone in the center. There are other inhabitants dimming the flashing bright lights, turning the knobs, clanging the bells, and bellowing commands. I realize these inhabitants are at the same time calmly mixing paints and painting the sun set, holding out a hand to calm the lake, passing by the candles making their personal wind dance with the flames, and they are baking cookie after cookie and brownie after brownie.

In my center resides the Trinity; God the Father – Jesus, God’s only Son – and the Holy Spirit. The Power of 3 plus me. The Trinity is busy helping me to process all that comes at me as well as offers me refuge from it all. My center is a place to grow, learn, and rest in unconditional loving care.

While in Kristine Headquarters, I understand what Peter meant when he said in Matthew 17:4a (NIV) “Lord, it is good for us to be here.”

Slanted View From the Inside

Welcome to the inside of my mind as I free write. I usually do not share this type of writing as it can become a personal piece; however, I have joined Writing 101 to enhance my writing and learn to write better.  There may be typos, and this may not make sense.  For the first time, I don’t care what you think because this is my mind unleashing.  Speaking of unleashing, my dog-niece Emma was brutally mauled by some big dogs.  She is a little miracle and I have been praying for her since the horrible incident happened on Memorial Day.  Holidays are big for tragedy.  I am thankful that I have never lost a loved one on a holiday.  Near a holiday, but not on a holiday.  Heaven is full of people I love and miss dearly.

I am not sure how open I want my mind to get here. Although I am on the world wide web, I do consider myself a very private person.  I take to heart relationships and think they are more precious than gold or silver or any other mineral that is worth a lot of money.  I remember a time when I had made plans with a friend to go to a movie.  To get me to go to a movie is a big deal in itself, but I envisioned the time together after the movie where we could discuss what the movie was about and how it affected us emotionally or relationally…whatever the movie was about.  I met my friend at the theater since we lived a distance apart.  I still wonder what my expression was on my face when she showed up with her friend, whom I have never met before.  I was internally crushed as I value one-on-one time with others and this new person, I had no idea she was coming nor did I even know her from Adam.  I sucked it up and hung out with them.  The after movie time was not what I expected and I hated every minute.

Movies…I fall asleep in movies unless it is a good relational movie. See paragraph about relationships above.

I am pretty tired for a Monday. Usually I get a second wind on Sunday evenings and then it is like…”Oh, I need to do laundry”, or “shoot, I wanted to do such-and-such this weekend.  Why are weekends so fast and weekdays so slow?  I would like to ask that of different age groups.  For children every day takes a long time because they don’t have to do any thing but exist.  Parents or adults in their lives cook, clean, do laundry, blah blah blah.  Adults have to do all these things that are time consuming and that is where all of our time goes…to the necessities of life.   So let’s get rid of the mundane unnecessaries.  Join me in clearing out unneeded stuff.  Simplify simplify simplify.  I have challenged myself to drop my smartphone and ipad so that I can go back to a normal life of hobbies and creativity.  Candy Crush has taken away some of the most valuable time of my life that I can never get back.  I do like the relational aspect of Facebook, so I do tend to peruse my feed.  However, it is time to get back to basics, engage my brain and read, write and craft.  I have begun to teach myself how to crochet but, that is the only time that I really log into my ipad, so I can watch youtube videos.  So many people in the world are willing to share their love of crafting.  I am very thankful.  I am thankful that I was raised with a mom who was talented in anything she touched.  She can bake like none other, she can decorate cakes better than any bakery, she can sew, crochet and arrange flowers in a vase.  My sister is a very good seamstress and she inspires me every time I speak with her or read up on her fabric store in Kentucky.  (once again, a time I am on my devices).  I have really slowed down my electronic devices usage.  I have cut down on television too.  Not that that was ever a problem.  I have my favorite few shows such as Downton Abby, Survivor and Naked and Afraid.  Check that out…all relational-type shows.  If you ever want to know how to understand me, just ask me for one-on-one time.  We will be friends for life.

I am about done with this free writing. I didn’t unleash anything embarrassing; I did hold back a lot only because this is on my blog.  I want my readers to find interest in what I write.  I do not want to write junk.


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Can You Wing It?

I would like to give a shout out to those people who, when asked at the last minute to do something they were unprepared to do, still get up and complete the task.

I was asked to read at church today. Now, I love to read in front of a crowd and public speaking does not scare me. It is not about being the center of attention; however, I simply love passing on helpful information and reading from the Bible at church is passing on helpful information. I am asked to read periodically in a rotation of other church members who like to read as well. But today, I was tapped on the shoulder 5 minutes before the readings were to take place. I agreed to do it as a fill in for the person that was scheduled to read. But then I looked at the readings for the day and instantly felt panic as the first reading was long…Genesis 1:1-2:4. I have read this section numerous times to myself and in Bible Studies, but today, my first thought was, ‘I didn’t prepare‘.

I have come to the realization that I need to prepare for everything I do. Just winging it, doesn’t fly with me. I try to be more impulsive and open to spontaneous situations, but usually the circumstance will change and I end up not being needed for the task. Does God bless a willing heart or the person that performs? This has always been a question in my mind.

I did not have to read after all. As my life pattern continues, the reader had arranged for another church member to read for them, but the person who had asked me to read was not aware of this arrangement.

Psalm 40:8
I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.

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